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We are dedicated, trained and experienced Electric Garage Door specialists and guarantee top services.

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The convenience of having an electric garage door compares to nothing else. You just need to have someone who will take care of it and fix it, if the need arises. You can entrust this work in the hands of  Garage Door Repair Treasure Island. We are experienced specialists in doors and openers of all types and brands. Our service is of exceptional quality in every respect. We are the best people for any job from installation and maintenance to repair and replacement.

Effective Professional Solutions

Electric Garage DoorIf you notice that your door is misbehaving or has a damaged part, you can readily call us so that we can provide expert electric garage door troubleshooting. Our emergency services boast with great speed, flexibility and excellent results.

There is no issue which is unfixable, at least for us. We provide repair to panels, moving parts, openers and even remote controls. Our electric garage door service is based on extensive expertise and many years of experience. It is efficient and cost-efficient too. This is easily achievable thanks to our technical skills and to the equipment and spare parts that we use. Our tools are advanced and dependable. Our spare parts are durable performers.

Our electric garage door company has always gone one step further to provide maximum satisfaction to customers. That is why we offer professional maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. We provide inspection, testing, cleaning, rust removal and lubrication, to name the main things which we do. We ensure that your door remains in perfect condition and operates excellently in the long term.

Whenever it is time for replacing a worn-out part, a broken panel or the whole door, we are here to help. We provide opener replacement too. Our service boasts with exceptional speed and comprehensiveness.

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