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Our team of skilled garage door professionals offers their service to customers in the area, so if you ever encounter any trouble with your garage door springs you can be sure you are covered.

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Torsion and extension door springs are two fundamental types of garage door springs. These two categories differ in their sturdiness, lifetime, size, application, durability, lifespan and use. Both these door springs are mainly used for home purpose. Enough care and attention has to be invested in selecting appropriate door springs as it has to go with the door’s weight. The main advantage of these springs is that they are composed of sturdy coils, which have been specially designed to extend for an effortless rotation which facilitates easy movement of the doors. It also provides hassle free opening of the garage doors.Garage Door Springs in Florida

Oil-tempered springs

In the oil tempered garage door springs, steel is the main component and the steel wire undertakes a particular drawing procedure so that the estimated coil diameter can be achieved. The wires are prolonged, tinted and covered with unique lubricants so that the anticipated outcome is achieved. The special procedure which undergoes while making the wires makes them all the more durable. The coils are first subjected to very high temperatures and then cooled suddenly and heated again to achieve desired effects. This progression not only makes them durable but also tough and long lasting.

Galvanized Torsion Springs

A recent revolutionary product in the field of garage springs is Galvanized Torsion Springs as they offer the garage an attractive look, without leaving behind any filthy blotches. They are also manufactured in the same process as oil tempered springs are made. The only exception is that they are not reheated. They are coated with zinc before the drawing course. This type of galvanizing mode makes them less durable and they require regular maintenance.

Spring Replacement

The power of the springs is what makes the action of the door possible. It must be proportional to your door’s weight. There involves a huge pressure and tension on the springs to perform their jobs. As a result, the sudden release of this tension poses quite a serious threat to the owners. Sometimes the springs gets worn out faster if they are not lubricated properly or if they are subjected to harsh climatic conditions. Imagine, a broken garage spring getting hurled on you! It can create a very disastrous situation. As residential garage door service providers, we advocate recurrent replacement and urgent fixing of spoiled springs.

You can count on the service of Garage Door Repair Treasure Island if you encounter such situations. Feel free to call us or message us if you need services like installation, repair and spring replacement.

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