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Find out more about garage door parts, how they must be inspected properly and why weird noises must alarm you.

Summer heat and garage doors

Rising temperature can directly affect the functioning of the garage door operators and its associated electronics. First its direct sunlight and then even summer storms can cause havoc. Our experts recommend plugging the door operator to a single-plug surge protector. If the unit gets damaged then you may have to replace it.

Spring cleaning the garage

Spring is one of the best times to clean the garage. First take time to check what is inside the garage and create ample space for the items you want to retain. Well-secured shelves help is providing sufficient space to store things without hindering the movement of the car.

Check the garage door rollers if you hear popping sounds

These annoying sounds typically occur when the metal rollers have got worn-out. You should inspect the wheels and axles to confirm this. Professionals in Treasure Island suggest considering replacing the old rollers with new ones which have nylon wheels. These operate more quietly, do not require lubrication, and are more durable as well.

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